Eternal Thread – Debbie Nagioff

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Film Script

Loosely based on the story of Odysseus, Eternal Thread is about a missing father and the search to find him..

One night, on his way to the pub, Olly O’Leary is ambushed and beaten up by his wicked twin, Keith (who has gone AWOL from the Navy).  He is left for dead, but is really unconscious. That same night Keith is killed in a road accident. 
Olly wakes up but suffers amnesia and is mistakenly picked up by naval police to live his brother’s life. 
Olly’s son Terry O’Leary never believes it was his father’s body in the morgue. 
Olly’s wife Penny moves on, lover after lover, but committing to none.
Keith’s daughter Gemma is also looking for her father.
Years later, Terry and Gemma meet by chance and join forces to discover what really happened.

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