Dunn and Dusted – Keith Howard

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The ups and downs of life in menswear with all the amusing characters met on the way. Look in vain in Dunn’s records for the people mentioned, the author has rechristened them all and spared their blushes. Keith Howard worked for Dunn & Company in London for over 50 years. This is his recollection of his years of service. Great for those nostalgic for the past.

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3 reviews for Dunn and Dusted – Keith Howard

  1. Jan Silverman

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its fascinating characters and interesting tales. It took me back to a bygone era when life was somehow cosier. Keith Howard paints a wonderful picture of his time as an assistant in a gent’s outfitters. Some of his stories had me laughing out loud. Recommended.

  2. AnneS

    Having shopped most of my life at Dunn’s and still with a few of their treasured garments in my wardrobe, I was delighted when I came across Keith Howard’s Dunn and Dusted. From start to finish it’s a hoot. What fun they had on the other side of the counter! Theirs was more a way of life than a job. If you like your sports jackets, your hats and your ties, it’s a book you can dip back into again and again. Put it at the top of your Christmas list. It’ll knock all those boring socks into a cocked hat. (Clive Gardner submitted to publisher)

  3. AnneS

    For me… reading the book Dunn and Dusted, proved to allow me to enjoy a most relaxing stroll back through the high street times of yesteryear.
    The whole experience of reading about the very different characters, the journeys, the windows of wares and especially the variety and chuckle of stories which emerged through the pages, married gently with my own happy memories of the kind of ‘shops’, which many of us grew up with.
    Thank you for writing this book Mr Howard. (Freda Morris submitted to publisher)

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