Divine Vision – James Martin Charlton

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London, 1800. Things aren’t going too well for William Blake. He lacks work, his wife worries over the bills, he’s seeing visions of the Apocalypse, and his planned epic poem on the divine remains unwritten. When Blake gets an offer from famous poet William Hayley to leave London and settle in a cottage at the seaside village of Felpham, he jumps at the chance. In Felpham, things don’t quite work out the way Blake had them planned…
What ensues involves talent wasted, offences to the local gentry, an argument with a drunken soldier, a trial for sedition, and a visionary meeting with the Lamb of God in an English cottage garden. “And did those feet…” indeed!
Divine Vision is the first stage play to explore William Blake’s only period of living outside London, and the events leading to his writing the poem which we now know as the iconic hymn “Jerusalem”.

No of Actors: 4M 3F
Performance Length: 90 minutes
Performance Licence Fee: £45.00
No of scripts required: 9
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