Death is Waiting – Patricia Simpson

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Detective Chief Inspector Justin Mortmain is bored, waiting for injuries, sustained in the line of duty, to heal. Frustrated, he goes for a run hoping to prove his ability to return to work. Near the halfway point of his route, he discovers the body of a young woman,
Having found her, Justin feels duty bound to discover her killer. He requests permission to investigate her death and this is the focus of his first case leading a Major Crime Unit team.
Haunted by the corruption of their former senior investigating officer, then being placed under the authority of an officer they do not respect or like has left the team disillusioned and demotivated. A difficult situation Justin must resolve.
Can he draw the team back into the successful unit it was?
After the betrayal that injured him, is Justin prepared to make the attempt?
The murder investigation acts as a catalyst for him and the team, but there is one deep, dark secret about Justin’s past which could blow the whole thing apart …

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2 reviews for Death is Waiting – Patricia Simpson

  1. Mike Lansdown

    New author Patricia Simpson has hit the ground running with this enthralling page -turner, the first to feature her uniquely intriguing detective, Justin Mortmain. From first page to last we are kept guessing – both as to ‘whodunit?’ and as to the true identity of this most unusual of detectives.
    If you enjoy getting to grips with complex plots, learning about behind the scenes legal processes, and watching richly-developed characters from both sides of the legal divide, then this is the book for you.
    I can’t wait for Mortmain’s return!

  2. Ian Welland

    This is an outstanding debut crime fiction novel by Patricia Simpson. The central character is Detective Chief Inspector Justin Mortmain – a complex man but completely dedicated to his profession. He has skills and experience on his side, but still has to fight his way through situations and foes that stand in his way.

    The discovery of a body by Mortmain (whilst he is out running) unfolds a web of enquiries with twists and turns. Mortmain soon realises who he can trust and who he can’t. Mortmain is a formidable opponent to come face to face with! But essentially a good honest policeman. Mortmain’s colleague, Inspector Anne Richards, plays an integral part in the crime story and they make a good team. Dr Thomas Doubleday is a great character and proves invaluable… I’m not going to give “spoilers” here regarding the story!

    This crime fiction novel is real page-turner and I found myself unable to put it down. There is no doubt in my mind that this book would make a fine TV drama. It’s an excellent piece of writing on every level.

    I look forward to reading more Justin Mortmain crime novels!

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