Death is an Illusion – L Lee Kane

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Luci de Foix is an archeologist and artifact expert who travels extensively to countries attempting to save their priceless treasures. On a trip to Greece, she discovers a clay shard with writings from an ancient society that disappeared during an earthquake on their island of Helike. When her best friend and adopted sister, Sarah, is kidnapped by a ruthless Russian oligarch determined to find the legendary treasure of Helike, they struggle to survive against terrifying odds, only to discover a secret that governments will kill for … even her own.

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1 review for Death is an Illusion – L Lee Kane

  1. AnneS

    This is a book for a mature young adult or older. While most of the book is accessible for a younger reader there are two scenes which are quite graphic.
    What I enjoyed about the book is the way the history is incorporated into giving a background to the story. This is not like modern stories that leave you wondering how the characters managed to do what they did. The story line and inclusion of historical information linking to current times reminded me of Clive Custler’s books.
    RK (16 years old) – by email

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