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Melville Lovatt’s poems tell the tales of regret, relational tensions, second chances and occasional optimism, with nostalgia for ages past, and disappointment with the way things are. His characters are the people you know opened wide, and dealing with aging and retirement, resentment and reconciliation, with a shade of sharp humour here and there – so says Nick Horgan in the introduction.

What people say

We all live in the same world, but it takes a poet to get to the heart of the matter. To understand it better, to experience it deeper, to laugh and cry louder. Melville Lovatt focuses on the mundane and the extraordinary – our dreams, fears, sins and frailties – and makes us look at them again and again, to laugh and wonder how amazing and rich is our human existence. His poems, written during the lockdown, will bring instant reminder of the emotions which we experienced during our solitary journeys through the pandemic. Anna Ryland. Writer

Melville Lovatt’s wide-ranging collection highlights his ability to see right into the souls of the people that he writes about, the lost, hopeful, lonely, defiant and worn-down. His is an insightful but gentle approach, depicting his subjects at the cusp of their lives, always with imagination, kindness and understanding. He is able to make the ordinary extraordinary. Phil Lawder. Open mic host and Author of the poetry collection, Edges 

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