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It’s mid 1970s when Luca Vento, an idealistic young lawyer uncovers endemic corruption in Puglia in the heel of Italy. He flees his homeland before the Camorra can silence him, settling in Edinburgh and becoming a successful restaurateur.
Nearly four decades later Luca and his daughters are embroiled in a huge international police operation to nail the head of the same mafia clan and his collaborator, a prominent UK businessman. A female executive head hunter plays a dangerous role as the story unfolds. A shocking revelation sets the scene for a startling finale.
The novel chronicles a cycle of betrayal, revenge, retribution and redemption and how chance events can hijack lives and spin them away from what seemed to be their set course.

“A complex and intriguing novel. I was carried along by the compelling storyline and a real desire to know how it would all end.” Michael J Lansdown author of Adam’s Lock and The Land Beyond the Seas.

“An exciting read with lots of setting detail and insights into Mafia operations…what a tour de force.” Brian Bold author of Quota, Roadworks and The Extra Miles.

“Great pacy opening and sense of local colour, place, food and atmosphere…really compelling and unusual storyline.” Judy Mcinerney author of The Pumilio Child.
“The writing is very readable and the ‘voice’ is clear and confident…” Rory Scarfe, Publisher the Blair Partnership

“I really enjoyed Cruel Deflections…characters, location and plot are all convincing. I recently read a Montalbano and this book more than stands comparison.” Nick Brookman, Book Club leader

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5 reviews for Cruel Deflections – Geoff Brown

  1. AnneS

    Really action packed and kept me guessing, well done, a great achievement. My mother comes from a village very close to Gospic and I have been there many times. You have clearly developed a comprehensive knowledge of Italy over the past years.
    Milena by email 22.1.2022

  2. AnneS

    I think in the vernacular of book critiques I would describe it as, ‘a wonderful debut novel and we look forward to the follow up’!
    I enjoyed reading it and was conscious that you had drawn upon the parts of your past that were most familiar to you, ie, your knowledge of business workings and savvy, headhunting of course and your extensive travel. Your love of Italy and Italians comes across loud and clear as does your love of food and wine(!). I cursed you at times when you were describing the food and wine as it made me very hungry!
    I enjoyed the familiarity of the essence of the recruiting process and the fact that you communicated the pitfalls/politics involved and demonstrated that it’s not as simple as people seem to think.
    I remember a lot of the places you mentioned, the wonderful tapas at El Pirata, Patersons, a restaurant you introduced me to and I frequented a lot, and Avenue Kleber (I don’t remember the chicken dish but I think Gerard took me to that restaurant).
    I was impressed with your extensive knowledge of the various mafiosi and their devilish modus operandi. As I was with your handling of the logistics in the last few chapters of the book…….I’m beginning to think you missed your vocation!
    However, one thing that kept ‘nagging’ me was the title of the book. The book was not what I had expected from the title, it didn’t tell me it would be a thriller and whilst reading the book I wondered if the title would fail to attract punters interested in this genre; they would miss out on a pacy international story of the families, the blatant evil and the bravery.
    For me a cruel deflection is like my drive on the 17th in Spain where it’s all out of bounds down the left, bunkers and thick rough on the right and my good (for me!) drive was on the left side of the fairway and the ball struck an overhanging branch and sent the ball sharp left out of bounds. A cruel deflection!
    Having said this I probably would be hard put to come up with something punchy that reflects the story and isn’t a cliché.… the top of my head I was thinking along the lines of …..Brazen Malevolence…. Delayed Retribution…….or even…Just Desserts(!).
    Well done!
    (by email 7.2.2022)

  3. AnneS

    Your book finally arrived and I finished it last night.
    It’s a great read and I’m amazed at the research you must have undertaken to make it so authentic. How long did it take you? I know you know Italy well but how did you get to be so knowledgeable about mafia methods and international crime! Some of the gruesome descriptions were a bit hard to read but as you said it’s a great yarn well written.

    Many congratulations and the very best of luck with the next one.
    (Margaret, by email 17 Feb 2022)

  4. AnneS

    I’ve read your book, within a day, really enjoyed it. Must have been a lot of work to conceive the whole story, do all the research, etc. etc. I’m impressed!
    (Daan – by email 17 Feb 2022)

  5. AnneS

    I have just finished your debut novel.

    It was a very good read: pacy, intense, well structured and a page turner. Short chapters suit me very well and being situated in the heel of Italy was an added dimension for me. You obviously know this part of the country well.

    The story was fascinating with the labyrinth of family connections intertwined with the machinations of organised crime and law enforcers.

    You must be very proud !

    (DH – by email 24 February 2022)

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