Criminals and Crocodiles – Arnold Woolley

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Criminals and Crocodiles: Policing in Rhodesia sets out the experiences of the author during the first few years of his total 19 years’ service in the British South Africa Police, that being the formal title of the Rhodesian Police Force. Starting with the mail-ship journey out from Southampton in august 1964, to being squad leader in training depot, then a District Uniformed Posting to Victoria Province. The author sets out duty incidents from fatal road accidents to stocktheft cases and murders as well as encounters with the then plentiful wild-life of the country. He takes us into the early days of anti-terrorist activities as a member of Support Unit for more than two years, leading a section of 10 African Policemen, dealing with Restriction Camp Guard Duties, numerous patrols and ambush work in the Zambezi Valley and elsewhere. He does not overlook the history and archaeology of the nation and deals frankly and honestly with the personalities of those he served alongside and the officers and civilians he interacted with throughout nearly four years of proudly wearing the uniform and insignia of the BSA Police. Scattered throughout the book are photographs taken by the author whenever he had his camera to hand.

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    Review of Criminals and Crocodiles
    Post by Mehul P » 25 Aug 2023, 04:04
    [Following is an official review of “Criminals and Crocodiles” by Arnold Woolley.]

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