Clement Attlee: A Modest Little Man – Francis Beckett (DRAMA)

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A play

May 1945. Britain celebrates victory and cheers Winston Churchill.
The people who fought the war want a better, fairer world, and only Labour is offering it.
But the Labour Party is led by a nonentity
––“a modest little man with plenty to be modest about.”
He says almost nothing. He sits in his grey suit and puffs his pipe.
One wit remarked: “An empty taxi drew up and Clement Attlee got out.”
How can the insignificant, passionless little Labour leader Clem Attlee possibly compete with
Churchill, and bring in a social revolution?

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3 reviews for Clement Attlee: A Modest Little Man – Francis Beckett (DRAMA)

  1. AnneS

    See for yourself … I watched the opening night at The Gatehouse, Highgate – it was wonderful hearing the voices bring the script to life. Anne, TSL Publications

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