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Between Bus Stops takes you from the back streets of Moseley; through a boxing ring; on and off buses; to the nostalgic seaside; and in and out of photo albums, travel books and wandering minds. Every piece is written to be shared aloud with friends and strangers, and many of them lend themselves to post-show heart-to-hearts over a coffee or a pint of beer.
Each writer takes great pleasure in arresting the imaginations of their audiences and it is this simple joy, found in the art of storytelling, that binds these works together.
Pennies and Postcards ~ Sarah Magaharan
Inky Portals ~ Jack Willcocks
And Him a Man of the Cloth ~ Frank Moloney
Growing Pain ~ Erin Gilbey
Capital T ~ Maureen Cross
Snapshot of a Life ~ Lauren Shirley
Don’t Panic ~ Diana Richard
The Man on the Bus ~ Dáithí Bowen
Mrs White’s Babies ~ Gaby Songui
Goodbye, Ms Jones ~ Christopher J. Hodges

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