Bedtime Story – Melville Lovatt (DRAMA)

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Bedtime Story is a virtuoso, lyrical exploration of physical nearness and emotional separation.
‘Intriguing, enigmatic and magnificently elusive.
This challenging, experimental short dualogue will continue to linger in the memory’.
Leigh Jackson, Dramatist
‘I was really hooked by it.
Overall, this is a great piece that hits lots of notes really successfully. I was captivated by the characters and deeply drawn in by the atmosphere.
The language used to paint these vivid pictures is beautifully subtle, poetic and powerful’.
Nick Oliver, Artistic Director, Pint-Sized Plays
‘The writing is fabulous!
The two actors equally the best in the evening!’
Richard Lambert, Theatre Reviews. Design

No of Actors: 1M 1F
Performance Length: 15 minutes
Performance Licence Fee: £10.00
No of scripts required: 5
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