Battle for Hurungwe – John Padbury (South Africa orders)

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About Battle for Hurungwe
John Padbury, a former Rhodesian Special Branch detective inspector, examines the demise of Rhodesia in the face of African nationalists determined to liberate their country from colonial rule through the barrel of a gun. Analysed are the consequences of the Rhodesian Front Government’s intransigence, racial policies and failures to listen to their intelligence commanders and the impact this had on military operations. In the battle for Hurungwe, Padbury reveals his unique and successful strategies to mobilise the African masses and occupy the ground, a political and military initiative refused by the Government until it was too late. Despite the dire defeat facing the Security Forces and against all odds, this was the solution to the civil war and, perhaps can be to other similar battlegrounds. Strategies and tactics of both the insurgents and Government forces are documented.


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