An American Lunch – Debbie Nagioff

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When Elvis Met Marlon
Two huge handsome American icons (literally and physically!), who, in their later years became gross physically.  I imagine them meeting at a diner in New York and how they would converse — Marlon Brando, through his best movie lines, and Elvis Presley through his best lyrics.

The Waiter
This is a story about the American dream and the immigrant.  Irving Caitlan has opened up a new kosher diner in Queen’s.  Like many immigrants he has changed his name to disguise his ethnicity. 
Lenny is a wannerbe actor working as a waiter.  He is waiting for a miracle to happen and has his eye on the big chance. 

The Oldest Swingers in the Business
This is a story about “swinging” pensioners in Florida.  Gordo and Joy hold regular swingers parties for the more avant garde.  Madelaine and Arnie come along to see what is on offer.

Divorce Party Prep
Bella and Sadie are grandmothers on either side of a family, in Brooklyn, New York.  They have a 60-year history of feuding and fall outs.  Today they’re preparing for their granddaughter Judy’s divorce party.

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