An African Orchard – Mavis Pachter

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A story of desire and courage, and a woman finding her place in the world. Miriam is sixteen when she falls in love with Joseph, hoping to marry her childhood friend. Together, their families escape from a pogrom in Poland, but Joseph disembarks in England, leaving Miriam devastated as she sails onwards to South Africa.
When her father is murdered, she becomes the breadwinner. For the first time, she is in control of her destiny and decides to marry, Dirk, an Afrikaner. She now lives on a farm under the iron hand of his grandmother, Ouma Rosie. Dirk is killed during the Second Anglo-Boer War, and Miriam with her family are incarcerated in a concentration camp. When the war is finally over, she returns, fearful of finding their farm and homestead razed to the ground.
Miriam is challenged by Ouma Rosie who believes it takes a man to manage a farm. But she proves she is capable, turning her hand to planting apple orchards in the Elgin Valley. Then, a letter arrives from Joseph, who plans to visit the farm. Miriam is filled with hope. Is there still something between them?

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