Amazing Grace – Megan Carter

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A collection of poems revealing the wonderous stories, amazing grace and love of God from the scriptures.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As you will see from these poems, Megan’s Christian faith is rooted in a real delight in Christ and His Word. As I’ve read through these poems I have been reminded of some that have been inspired from All Souls sermons. I was delighted to see how they had dropped into Megan’s heart and found their way into her work.
My favourite poem is entitled ‘The British Museum’ which views the historicity of some of the Biblical material, and it is wonderful to have what we see so creatively summarised and described.
I’m delighted to commend this volume to you, and hope it will lift your heart, as it lifted mine.
Rico Tice, Senior Minister, All Souls, Langham Place

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