Against the Tide – Stephen Baker (TSL DRAMA)

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Against the Tide is a collection of 6 monologues: 3 for men and 3 for women.

All the characters in Against the Tide are fictitious, reflecting individuals who see situations very differently to mainstream society; and who, due to circumstances, feel isolated and somewhat estranged even from those around them.

Politics features in Queen of South Faxby and Moving with the Times, and in a previous work, The Waiting Man.  This no doubt is due to 12 years spent in the political arena of local politics.

Although light hearted, some of the characters lead quite sad existences.

Monologues for Men (including age of speaker)

  • Ladies Man   (50s)
  • Denby Whites (40s)
  • These Mean Streets (58)

Monologues for Women

  • Everyone Loves Tony (early 40s)
  • Moving with the Times (late 50s)
  • The Queen of South Faxby  (60+)

No of Actors: 3M 3F
Performance Length: 10 minutes
Performance Licence Fee: £5.00
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2 reviews for Against the Tide – Stephen Baker (TSL DRAMA)

  1. Susan Ryan

    a most enjoyable and amusing read. I could empathise with the characters but also laughed out loud at the situations that they found themselves in. I would recommend this collection of monologues .

  2. Wendy Addison-Doy

    Lighthearted and funny. I especially liked the first story about Bill and his quest to find love, which literally made me laugh out loud.

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