Aftermath – Barbara Towell

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‘What a wonderful play! Aftermath brilliantly captures the emotions and interaction of the characters. The play, set in Auschwitz, demonstrates Barbara Towell’s talent for building dramatic tension, story-telling and imaginative staging.’
Gillian Wheeler (Professional actor and Drama teacher.)

‘Aftermath, unblinking, moving and powerful – it shows Barbara Towell at the peak of her talent. A playwright to watch out for. Make note of her name.’
Melville Lovatt (Playwright and poet.)

‘This play deserves to be staged as it is powerful and moving.’
Jane Lockyer Willis (Playwright.)

Quote from the memoirs of Dr Ladislav Fisch (a member of the team which supervised the repatriation of Czech Jews from concentration camps after WW2.

‘What I saw later in films and pictures, could not describe adequately the horror of what we have seen … it is impossible to express this in words.’

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