A Man From the North East – Beatrice Holloway

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Every member of the crew heard the ominous crack. They all stopped working, backed up a little along the passage and held their breath. Suddenly the roof caved in…

This is a compelling story of a determined young man who seeks his fortune in London during the 1930s. It is the women in George Carr’s life who shape and colour his future. Murder, suicide, assault, infidelity, the abduction of children and the testing of loyalties all touch the life of this family man. 1931 and George, a miner is twenty-one. After the mining accident and a thoughtless remark by his mother, he decides to live independently. He falls in love and copes with many setbacks. Along the way he encounters the vagaries of landladies, the wiles of village women and the amusing wit of cockneys.

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