A Father’s Revenge – Peter G Fitzgerald

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The author of this book, Peter G. Fitzgerald, was born in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Early 1949 his family immigrated to Harare, Zimbabwe (formerly Salisbury, Rhodesia).
Peter attended school in Salisbury. On leaving school he worked on a farm near the town of Norton, forty miles west of the Capital. One of his goals was to understand the local African language. In 1959 he joined the BSAP (British South Africa Police). After intensive training he was transferred to Bulawayo to pursue his chosen career which encompassed many areas of Policing. He rose through the ranks to the level of Licensing Inspector.
In 1977, whilst on duty, he suffered serious brain injury and part paralysis by a hand grenade thrown in an anti terrorism action which ended his career.
It was important for him to try and record his memories of the BSAP and his family as far back as he could remember, and to see, at the same time, whether he could cope with drafting this book.
It is the author’s deepest wish that others, who are in the same situation, will be inspired to do something similar as a form of therapy.
The author, who still needs daily assistance, now lives in the United Kingdom.

1 review for A Father’s Revenge – Peter G Fitzgerald

  1. Geraldine Fitzgerald

    Being a member of the family, and knowing what the author went through after a terrible incident happened whilst on duty, it’s amazing how he even managed to put his thoughts on paper. The story is of a family who lived in Rhodesia and eventually returned to the UK.

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