A Donkey Called Oddsock – John Samson

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‘We shall go to the ocean, Oddsock. They said that it is very, very big, as big as the sky.’
The donkey nodded its head, then shook it, watching the young boy, looking for guidance, a restlessness twitching in its body. He knew they should move on, get away from this place, but he was bound to the boy. They were twins, born of different mothers, he with one leg black to the knee, the only blemish on a grey coat, while the boy carried a strange pigmentation disorder that left one arm a pale pink to the elbow in contrast to the rich brown of his body, earning him the nickname of Whitearm.
So begins Whitearm’s journey of discovery and growth.

A Donkey Called Oddsock is John Samson’s fourth book and is a moving tale of the relationship between a young boy and a donkey somewhere in war-torn Africa.

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