Ian H Mackay

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  1. Jonathan Allin says:

    It has been fascinating to read the history of Henry Hartley by Ian Mackay.

    My wife is the great great granddaughter of Hartley. Her grandmother, Henrietta Hartley, was Hartley’s granddaughter (daughter of his son Thomas, I believe) who married her grandfather Michael Hayes at Thornhill in 1891 (as stated in the family bible from that time that we have in our possession). They moved to Rhodesia and farmed in the Marandellas region (I assume after Thornhill farm had been burned down by the British). My wife’s father was their fourteenth and youngest offspring who was born on the farm and raised by his sisters.

    Ian mentions some of Hartley’s descendants, one of whom, Simon, still lives in the Magaliesberg area, and this information might be of interest to them.

    • AnneS says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jonathan
      The family in SA are aware of the book.
      best wishes

      • Jonathan Allin says:

        Thanks Anne. The family history I have provided was not mentioned in, and is probably beyond the scope of, Ian’s book. I was hoping that some way could be found to pass the information on to Simon Hartley or any other descendant of Henry Hartley (with whom Ian has been in contact) who might be interested.

        A few more details. The family history we have available is that Henrietta was the daughter of Thomas John Hartley (Henry Hartley’s second son) and Emily (nee Maloney, Henry Hartley’s step daughter whose mother was Henry’s third wife Mary). The name Maloney suggests Irish heritage, and it’s interesting to note that Henrietta’s husband, Michael Hayes, was a Catholic Irishman. A correction to my earlier comment: Henrietta Hartley married Michael Hayes at Thorndale, not Thornhill.

        Passing on this information, if at all possible, would be very much appreciated,

        With kind regards

  2. Ian Mackay says:

    Dear Jonathan. Thank you for the feedback from your historic connections to my published biography on Henry Hartley (1815 – 1876)

    Henry Hartley made such a positive contribution to Southern-African exploration and Anglo-Boer-Ndebele human relationships, notwithstanding shooting so many elephants for their valuable ivory, and near-fatally being stabbed in the throat by a rare blue duiker that he tried to cuddle and keep as a pet!

    Even the contents of a family bible from that period have now come to the fore. I would love to hear more of his history from your original source

  3. Robert Nage says:

    Ian, thank you for your work on this book. I recently started to trace my family’s history and found that Henry is my 4th Great Grandfather, as my Grandfather was Edwin L. Hartley from Frederick’s line. I look forward to reading through the book and learning more about my family’s roots and this incredibly interesting man.

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