YP Preview: Michael’s Magic Motor Car

‘George!’ That was Nanny. ‘George, find Michael, see what he’s doing and stop him.’

‘Yes dear.’

Grandad knew exactly where I was and what I was doing; I was in the ditch exploring. Ever since I was a little boy Nanny and Grandad have taken me for walks in Ruislip Woods. When I was little it was a bit creepy. Grandad said that lions hid behind the trees and tigers lurked in the bushes, also I must not stamp over the bridges as Trolls lived there. Of course, I stamped over the bridges whilst holding Nanny’s hand tightly. Now that I am a big boy, I like to explore. My favourite place is the ditch; you know the one. It runs between the path and the back fences of the houses. People open their back gates and throw things into the ditch. Nanny and Grandad get very angry about it but I like the interesting things I find there. It’s nearly always dry and the bottom covered with small pebbles so that it’s not muddy. I have found bikes, scooters, and all sorts of things there; I once found a dead rat that was interesting. I thought it best not to tell you know who. Grandad took one of the bikes home and as he said ‘Did it up’. It became my stunt bike, Grandad made a ramp from plywood and bricks. I would make motorbike noises and pedal like mad up the ramp and crash off the edge. Nanny didn’t like it one bit and said so.

‘George, if that boy doesn’t saw his finger off or put a drill bit through his hand messing about in your shed, he will break his neck on that contraption.’

‘He will only do it once Beth,’ was all Grandad said.

Have you seen?


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