Thursday 08 March 2018

Dave Robson: Book Launch - How to be a popular crew

How to be a Popular Crew
out now!

Come enjoy a glass of Prossecco and some nibbles with me on
Thursday 8th. March 2018
at Crouch End Picturehouse
165 Tottenham Lane
Crouch End London N8 9BY
6.30 - 8.30 pm

The birth of a new book is always something to celebrate and that's why I've organised this informal book launch to which you are cordially invited. But be warned - this is no ordinary book launch. it's also a fund raising event in support of Save the Children.

Only this morning I heard on the news that Syria is still the world's worst disaster zone and what concerns me the most is the disastrous effect this war is having on the children. But it's not only war, there's also hunger, malnutrition, starvation, abuse and killer diseases causing kids to suffer all over the world.

This is alarming not only on humanitarian grounds but also if we hope for the next generation to build a more peaceful and harmonious world, which won't happen if they are carrying indelible trauma.

So why am I using by new book for fundraising? Because I can! It's just one tiny practical action that will make a difference to some young person's life. And I know if I was that child, I'd be sooo grateful for anything positive that happened to me, especially if it was through a group of people making a gesture of practical support, not just talk.

So here's the deal: During the evening I'm going to be selling, not giving away, personally signed copies of my new book, How to be a Popular Crew, which normally retails at £6.47, to guests at the launch for at least £10 (feel free to pay more) and all the proceeds from book sales will go to the charity. Even if you are not interested in sailing please do not be deterred, remember, this is about raising money for an essential cause.

Space at the party is limited so I'd appreciate an RSVP as soon as possible please. If you can't make it in person, please feel free to contribute whatever you can afford to give via my fundraising page on and drop me an e-mail with your postal address so I can send you your copy of the book.

This event is for one day only, Thursday 8th. March 2018. After that the book will revert to its normal price and you can order it directly from my publisher

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