POETS Day – Mark Brookes

POETS Day is Mark’s premier play. Set in a London pub in 2008, the audience is propelled into the disturbing, entangled story of a dysfunctional builder and how his inability to deal with a trauma mars the lives of those close to him.

POETS Day was originally written in 2013 for Mark’s teenage son as a cautionary tale about pubs, alcohol, substance abuse and the devastating ramifications it can bring not only the abuser but those around them. After a few readings, it quickly became a more serious piece and in 2016, (in aid of the children’s charity Barnardo’s), it was performed for four nights at The Compass Theatre, Ickenham to emotionally charged acclaim.

Since the premier, TSL Publications signed Mark into their family and Barnardo’s have received considerable donations, A level drama students have studied it as part of their curriculum and the BBC have accepted its submission into their Writers’ Room for Drama.

One of Mark’s favourite comments about POETS Day is: ‘You are both repelled and drawn in by the main characters … waiting with nervous anticipation to the conclusion.’

Visit poetsday.org.uk to see how well the performances were received and how it is helping to change lives.