Roy G Ramsay

About Roy

Born in Middlesex in 1936, Roy is the eldest of six. He keeps in close touch with his sister and brothers.
Roy and Jeanette have been married for more than fifty years. They have two sons, a daughter and four adorable grandchildren called Tyler, Fynn, Stuart and Antonio. They all thrive.

Roy served for twelve years, full and part time, in The Parachute Regiment where he enjoyed the comradeship and team-spirit gained in shared hard work. By accident of birth he saw no action and never fired a shot in anger. He still lives in Middlesex.

He has belonged to various writers’ groups for over twenty years. He is currently a member of the Harrow Writers’ Circle.

Thinking Aloud
Fun with Rhyming Schemes

Maggie’s Gift

In Pursuit of My Father and Other Stories
Green on – ‘Go’

Roy has regularly contributed articles to Blind Veterans UK since 1995.

In Pursuit of My Father

Roy tells the story of his search for his father starting in the London Blitz during World War Two. His search led him to join the Parachute Battalion amd a desire to get to Cyprus. On his military service, Roy’s aim was to ‘produce facts of the Army without too much bad language.’ He has written his memoir in the third person referring to himself as Jake – he says in respect for Jake Thackray, one of his favourite writers.

There are three versions of In Pursuit of My Father: house style, Comic Sans font for sight impaired and E-Book. Purchasing a copy of the Comic Sans version will result in a donation to Blind Veterans UK – a charity which assisted Roy with sight equipment to help him write. Roy has been registered blind since March 2002.