Paul Ross

About Paul
Paul Ross is a chimney sweep and has been a professional chimney sweep for over twenty years. He started telling the stories of Rodney the chimney Sweep to his youngest daughter Heather-Jay who was then only six years old. She turned twenty-one in 2016.
Paul has always told a good story but found it hard over the years to write. When Gemma, his oldest daughter was born (she turned thirty-two in 2016), Paul walked into an adult education centre in Harrow and asked them if they could teach him how to read so he could just read a book to his daughter at bedtimes. He was twenty-one. Over the years he has discovered that having the gift of being dyslexic means not having the gift of spelling. (That’s what editors and publishers are for).

Chimney sweeps around the world are renowned as being Lucky, you may have seen them at weddings giving luck to the bride and groom as this tradition is still strong in Europe & the USA.

Rodney the Chimney Sweep and Jemima Four Foot

Rodney the Chimney Sweep lives at Sweeps End Farm with his family; Ma his wife and Jemima their seven-year-old daughter.

Chimney Sweeps are known for being lucky. Rodney is lucky enough to be able to speak to all kinds of animals and birds. His daughter, Jemima “Four Foot” who is 7 helps her dad (Dar) at weekends and also has the luck of a chimney sweep. She can speak to all the equipment a chimney sweep could hope to use. She has been given her nickname “Four Foot” by Bristle, the main chimney brush. This was when Jemima had reached the same height as Flex the lead chimney sweeping rod that stands at four foot high.
Jemima’s Mum (Ma) has a heart of gold and can always see a rainbow in the darkest of clouds and with her tool box can mend and fix anything.

The first book in the series is Twitch’s New Home and Mystery at the Manor.