Melville Lovatt

Melville Lovatt, Theatre, Monologue

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Melville Lovatt, Theatre

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About Melville

‘Melville Lovatt is an award winning playwright / monologue writer whose plays have been performed widely in smaller theatres throughout London.

A number of Melville’s plays have won awards:
The Powers That Be won The Sussex Playwrights Club 1st Prize for best full-length play.
Small Mercies, a full-length play, won both a Jack Langford Memorial Award and a Derek Lomas Memorial Award.
Two one-act plays The Grave and The Kiss were shortlisted for The Diane Raffle Award.

Melville studied playwriting at The City Literature Institute, Drury Lane, London and also at The Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn.

He is currently President of Harrow Writers Circle and lives in Hatch End, North West London.

What people are saying

Melville Lovatt’s monologues hit the spot like dramatic arrows. Sixteen pieces that run the gamut of most human emotions in ten minute bites. Just the job to instantly lighten the mood or set the scene for a longer play. As most are suffused with humour often of a wry or darkish tone they are rich dishes indeed and being made to concentrate on a lone, still voice has a wonderfully purifying effect on the jaded theatregoer. To my mind, these monologues are without question in the same high quality league as those of Alan Bennett.
– Michael Stewart. Theatre critic for the Islington Tribune

Melville Lovatt is clearly a master of the monologue medium, whether from the point of view of a woman or a man. All his monologues have a surprising twist ending. – Josie Arden, author of Broken Ties of Time

“Standing Alone” is a little gem. This collection of 16 dramatic monologues, written for both women and men to perform, comes highly recommended by one who has been a member of the audience and had the privilege to perform a number of the female roles.
Lovatt demonstrates he is very much in tune with human nature as he explores, often through pathos and irony, the themes of love, sex, blame, betrayal and isolation. Indeed, he has a real gift for writing convincing dialogue as well as creating characters who could be you, me or your next door neighbour. The circumstances in the monologues vary, but each work concerns situations, relationships and emotions which individuals will be able to identify with. As each story unfolds you may shed a tear, chuckle or even feel anger – certainly once the monologue is over, you will be left thinking.
These thought-provoking dramatic monologues are a must for those who enjoy short stories, good theatre; and for actors who are looking to perform interesting, sometimes complex characters. Great roles in this collection for the more mature woman to perform. All that is left now to say is, enjoy!
– Barbara Towell, author of: ‘A Little Piece for Mother’ (novel), ‘Patchworks’ (poetry anthology), ‘Wedding Bells’ (play), ‘Faith is the Key’ (musical)