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About Jane

Jane Lockyer Willis has written a number of one act plays, three full length plays; several non-fiction books published by Cassell; a novel (Guys and Ghosts, 2012 to be re-issued by TSL in 2018) and a self-help booklet (Have the Nerve, 2014). She is a member of The Society of Women Writers & Journalists.

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Harrow Times profiles Jane (January 2017)


About Tea at the Opalaco and other stories

A collection of twenty short stories.
The Visit was commended for the 2011 John Walter Salver competition and Jane was also awarded second prize in 2015 for her story Undelivered. Several of her pieces have been adapted for radio. Click on the link below for a preview.

1. Tea at the Opalaco
2. Lettuce and Lettice
3. Over Buttered Scones
4. The Christmas Fare
5. The Picnic
6. Tin Wedding
7. Where the Bee Sucks
8. Michael’s Time Out
9. A Seasonal Tale
10. Sangria
11. Something Unspoken
12. The Golden Snapdragon
13. Miss Henry
14. Incident at a Bus Stop
15. The Visit
16. 5 Gresham Place
17. Faking it
18. Home is Where the Heart is
19. Undelivered
20. Frozen in Time

What people are saying about Tea at the Opalaco and other stories

‘I bought your book ‘Tea at the Opalaco’. In fact, I have just finished it. I really enjoyed the stories, especially as I rarely read fiction. I learnt a lot through reading your book. Thank you so much.’ Jill (retired journalist)

I enjoyed reading Tea at The Opalaco which is the latest book written by Jane Lockyer Willis. I thought the stories most entertaining & varied with good descriptive writing. They certainly held one’s attention & were a good commentary on the foibles of life!
I’d certainly recommend it as ‘a good read.’ – Mary Mumford

In Tea at the Opalaco, the author has put together a collection of astutely observed, and well written pieces. These not only provide good, satisfying reading but take the reader into twists of the human psyche that might otherwise pass unnoticed. – Rodney Newham

Jane Lockyer Willis has delighted with an eclectic mix of short stories in Tea at the Opalaco and other stories.Tales full of real life characters, bruised by upbringing or hiding feelings behind a veneer of socially acceptable behavior then rebelling and throwing off the conventions, ghostly happenings and much more. I particularly liked Tin Wedding – though I, like Robert, swear to being able to tell marg from butter!
A thoroughly enjoyable read. – Leslie Boulis

Thoroughly enjoyed these delightful, satisfying stories, written with a humorous edge. – Ron Nicholl

An eclectic collection of stories exploring human relations

Tearooms, picnics, weddings and romantic encounters abound

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