Gabriela Harding

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About Gabriela
Gabriela currently lives in London, is married and has a young son. This is her first book of short stories. Gabriela’s first published book book is Santa Claws, a book for young people aged 13+ about bullying. She is currently writing a crime novel. You can read more about Gabriela here.

About Sai-Ko
When the Manole family move into a new, middle-class neighbourhood, their destiny takes an unexpected turn. In a world of money, high standards and spoiled Pekinese dogs, their lives slip out of control until they’re completely swallowed by the bright lights of the affluent community of a small Mafioso town.

A Conservative Eastern family ravaged by infidelity, lust, and murder, find themselves in London twenty years later trying to pick up the pieces. What happened on their last night together continues to haunt them and, when emotions run high, buried secrets rise from their quiet graves…
Sai-Ko is a collection of twelve stories that will take you to the depths of human nature, a scuba dive incursion into the unconscious mind. Deliciously dark, savoury and funny, this book is written with undisguised frankness, offering a glimpse into the post-Communist society in a country sentenced to live with the scars of war.