Beatrice Holloway

About Beatrice
Beatrice Holloway is a playwright and author who has been writing children’s stories since 2014. In 2015, Beatrice was appointed Children’s Storyteller on Hillingdon Narrowboats Association which has led her to write about canal life. TSL has contracted to publish Beatrice’s stories about Rhys and his friends. You can contact Beatrice through her author-site or Facebook. Her other publications can be accessed on Smashwords.

Beatrice has written a number of children’s books: Towing Path Tales, More Towing Path Tales and A Particular Year as well as a number of science experiments for children – all available as ebooks.
The London Borough of Hillingdon library service has published two of her children’s stories and awarded her with a Certificate of merit – ‘In recognition of an outstanding contribution to the Arts’. Beatrice was also awarded a Lottery Grant to write a commissioned historical play: Commoner to Coronet.
Two adult books, A man from the North East and Elusive Destiny were published recently, and she is currently working on a third novel, Archie’s Children.
Beatrice is a retired teacher and a member of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists and the Society of Authors.

The Sometimes Society (Book 4)

Rhys and his friend Giddy, decided that their girl friends, April and Ruth could join their Society – sometimes. Between them they decide on certain rules. As the story unfolds the rules prove to be useful. Rhys’s mother is injured in a kitchen fire and he resolves never to leave her side again. He has a birthday soon and his parents are concerned that he is no longer the happy boy he once was. They make plans that include his Sometimes Society friends to help him overcome his fears.
With Giddy, Rhys has a night out camping, including a mid-night feast, but they are disturbed by strange noises outside the tent.
When the Society finds out that Ruth is being bullied the boys plan all sorts of revenge but the solution is solved by someone else.

Disasters and Delights of family celebrations (Book 3)

How do you cope with girl friends, Christmas, chicken pox and weddings when you are nine years old? In this third book of Rhys’s adventures he gets some sound advice to cope with fraught situations from his grandparents. He has a role in a pantomime and uses it to his and his friend’s advantage. He tests out and almost spoils the Christmas presents he has bought for his family and there is further trouble over dinner. As his brother’s wedding looms Rhys is sure he will have to wear a dreadful suit. The revenge advice he receives from Uncle George, however, leads Rhys into yet more trouble including a very strange wedding present.

Urgent! Pocket Money Required (Book 2)

The school Rugby coach has arranged a trip to Twickenham to see the Welsh team in action. Rhys and his friend Giddy make up their minds to go. BUT they have a problem – where to get the fare? Rhys has money making ideas gained mostly from stories of his grandfather’s boyhood. He tries to emulate some of these adventures with amusing results and little success. A rumour going round the school sets them another problem – April is to leave the village. Plans were made to prevent this happening and get enough money for the trip.

Training a Greyhound (Book 1)

At the end of a day already fraught with trouble nine years old Rhys is devastated by the news of his missing brother. Firstly he has school problems. With his best friend Giddy, he chases grasshoppers and gets his clothes very dirty. He experiments with kissing a girl, April who does not react like his brother’s girlfriends.
Together Rhys and Giddy decide to train a very reluctant greyhound for racing. Do they succeed?
But worse was to come – an invitation to April’s birthday party.