Maya Alexandri

The Celebration Husband is Maya’s first book to be published and it is with great excitement that TSL has this privilege. We came across Maya’s draft book in 2010 (before the birth of TSL). Little did we realise then that in 2015 it would still not be in print. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see her other novels in print too. Watch this space…

About The Celebration Husband
On the wildest front of World War 1, Baroness Tanya von Brantburg is running intelligence missions for the British irregular forces in East Africa, with whom her husband is enlisted. Risking enemy fire, attacks by lions, temptations to double-cross, and seduction by an old flame, she confronts in this crucible the ultimate challenges to her integrity and love

About Maya

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Champions of Pleasure published in The Stockholm Review of Literature (20 Nov 2016)
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Performances by Maya
The Sudd performed at Amplified Cactus (15 September 2016)
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In September 2016, Maya had an interview with Book Stew about The Celebration Husband Newspaper Article
(see below)

Interview with Adelaide Magazine (Feb 2017)

What people are saying about The Celebration Husband

Goodreads rating

… a surprisingly soulful look at a strong woman of a bygone era. Alexandri builds a rich cast of background characters with insights to the tribes of East Africa and tribal warfare. The danger of the time feels authentic, as does the fish-out-of-water, heartfelt nature of the characters… I loved The Celebration Husband

Rabid Reader Review

A fun read for those who enjoy the antics of the Happy Valley set (3* The Lady, 1 Jan 2016)

I love it! It is so funny! And the details you have included, which I am sure are well-researched and painstakingly accurate, are amazing.
. . .
The book is very funny. I keep meaning to read it with tape flags next to me so I can flag my favorite lines to let you know which they are … will try to remember next time.

I really enjoyed it! It’s a beautiful study whose end I found very interesting

I just finished The Celebration Husband, enjoying the story, the writing, the deeply researched historical and cultural context, the wry sense of humor and comic timing

It was like sampling a Christmas cake mix…

(GWAA member)

I like that she put a little postscript explaining that she had messed around with the timings etc

(GWAA member)

I must say The Celebration Husband by Maya Alexandri is a must read. This eloquently written book takes you on an adventurous journey with characters whose personalities are bursting with pizzaz, spunk and flair (pretty much like the author herself). My only question is, “When can I expect your next book!” Anxiously waiting…

The writing is grand – full of vivid detail, including an enigmatic baroness, a dashing husband, all the beauty and danger that Africa offers, and the intrigue and absurdity of war. Maya worked at McLean Hospital where she ran poetry groups. We exchanged notes while she was there. She also has been a law professor in China, among other things in her varied career. … She is now in the pre-med program at Goucher College.