Amna Agib

Amna Agib, Short Stories, Sudan, diversity

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About Amna
The author is an ordinary woman who has not necessarily suffered in the same way her characters have. However, she tasted a not dissimilar pain. She lived squeezed by the nasty sensation of feeling an outsider. She’s travelled across cities and places and occupied many professions to find herself, yet she didn’t feel she quite belonged to somewhere and in some way.
Writing about people’s suffering may be her destiny and her remedy.

About The Roots that gave Birth to Magical Blossoms
The Roots that gave Birth to Magical Blossoms is a journey through a complex world; feelings and psychology of human kind. I am not expecting you to agree with me, but hopefully you will look at each reflection I wrote as someone’s life which needs to be counted.
Many individuals have no voice or are forced to swallow theirs. Many factors contribute to these few oppressive situations which I have chosen to share with you. As many others, they basically ripped out my heart and soul. No matter if they were a consequence of miss-interpretation or lack of understanding of the intention of religion; unchallenged culture or custom or just a manifestation of an intended heartless and cruel misuse of power, they deeply affected people’s lives as much as mine.
I hope I can relate to you, knowing where I come from.
Thank you for taking the time to read my collection.
Amna Agib (Bit Nafisa)