Short Story Preview: My Tiger

He came towards me out of the fog. I tensed. How dangerous was he? I could see the fog glistening on his lovely coat: black, tan, cream and white. His eyes never left my face. At ten feet, he stopped and sat, but still he held me with his gaze.

What was this dog trying to say? At first I thought he was sending out some sort of challenge and I was strangely drawn towards him. Thinking back on it, I truly believe it was love at first sight.

On that misty, drippy autumn afternoon, I lowered my shopping and sat down in the wet leaves to improve our acquaintance. He seemed to appreciate this because his tail thumped twice. I moved a little closer, extending my hand. Two more thumps. Slowly, he licked his lips and – I know you won’t believe me – but he smiled. He did.

Have you seen?


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