Short Story Preview: End of the Road

Peter stopped running and bent over the body in the road … He’d know that red hair anywhere … It was Morgan, dishevelled and bleeding from a badly cut face. So he’d escaped too! But was he dead or just unconscious? Peter felt his wrist. There was the weakest of pulses … He looked round in desperation. What the hell to do? Carry him? God no! Not after that further session in the cell this morning. Bloody sadistic Guards!
Morgan himself solved the problem. He raised his head and, holding out a sealed envelope, said in a hoarse, urgent whisper:

‘Quick Peter! Hide this! Now leave me … I’m finished. But you …’ he broke off, the pain evident. Then, after a deep, breath, he tried again: ‘… vital you get this to … to …’

Glancing at the Arabic writing on the envelope, Peter knew immediately what it was.

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