Short Story Preview: Can do Cindy (a short story for children)

Cindy was a pretty little girl with an older sister, Lucy, of thirteen. Cindy envied and admired her sister because she always did everything so easily and so well. She never seemed to make mistakes and no-one ever seemed to scold her.

Cindy, on the other hand, forgot her homework, bumped into the coffee table and spilt orange juice onto the carpet, dropped tomato sauce on her school tie and often couldn’t plait her hair because she had lost the ribbon and had to borrow one of Lucy’s.

One day, she had gone to the corner shop for Mum to fetch some bread and chocolates and she had left her purse on the counter and, to make matters worse, on the way back, she found, to her horror, she had left the front gate open and the puppy, Soames, had escaped.

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