POETS Day – Mark Brookes (Performance Package)



15 scripts and Performance Licence

A guilt-ridden builder takes a Friday afternoon off to binge on drugs, booze and exotic dancers in an attempt to escape a tragic anniversary, but despite the pub fun, his youth still haunts him demanding he faces his worst nightmare … before time is called! Mark Brookes originally wrote POETS Day, in 2013, for his teenage Son as a cautionary tale about pubs, the adult playground. Quickly it became a more serious piece and in 2016 was performed for four nights at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham in aid of the children’s charity Barnardo’s. Since the premier, Barnardo’s have received considerable donations, A level drama students have studied it as part of their curriculum and the BBC have accepted its submission into their Writers’ Room for Drama. POETS Day is the first play in a trilogy telling the story of a dysfunctional family. The second and third plays are also independent dramas and work seamlessly within the trilogy plot.


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