Merlyn’s Memoirs – Merlyn, translated by Jo Meintjes

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Merlyn was an English Springer Spaniel who lived his life as he saw fit; independent and intrepid to the end in the 1980s – for nearly 16 years. As he can’t read training manuals, no rules apply to him.

His adventures for his size and locality were more intrepid than his mum and dad, Jo and Chris Meintjes, who were always wandering off to remote parts of the world to Antarctica, Mali, Mongolia, Greenland, Siberia or the Galapagos Islands for Jo’s travel business; he was left behind but of course looked after in his absence.

Merlyn crossed new frontiers – he always took centre stage: he visited airports, stayed in hotels, restaurants, and places that never before permitted entry to dogs.

Life does not always treat him kindly: so please laugh and cry as he tells his story.

Springers are not everyone’s cup of tea – you will learn a lot about his unusual breed.

Merlyn hopes this will inspire you to cope with your own life whether you read this as a bedtime story to your dog; or perhaps are unable to have pets.

As Merlyn did his share of charity work; he will donate some of the funds from the sale of this book to animal welfare.
He asked that no special webpage be created for him – it would only repeat what’s in the book.


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