A Limerick Romp Through Time – Arnie Wilson

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During his years as a showbiz writer in Fleet Street, almost 100 of his limericks were published by Express Newspapers. Since then he’s written many more, published in A Limerick Romp Through Time for the first time. He’s even written a few about his local Haywards Heath restaurateurs, Jeremy and his wife Vera:
It has always been Arnie’s ambition
To lure Jeremy out of the kitchen
And buy him some lunch
While watching him munch
(in disguise) on his own tasty chicken

Vera too: on her birthday for example:
‘It’s Vera’s big day!’ shouted Jezza
‘Bring Champagne!’ and a waiter said ‘Yessir!
‘Just a glass or two,
‘For each of you?
‘Or maybe a Nebuchadnezzar?’

It occurred to Arnie that a book of limericks might make good stocking fillers. So, just in time for Christmas, Arnie’s publishers, TSL Publications, are kindly launching A Limerick Romp Through Time (foreword by Peter James). As a double attraction, TSL are also launching a revised version of Arnie’s book of entertaining showbiz tales – Big Name Hunting (foreword by Heston Blumenthal) – with intriguing anecdotes from celebrity interviews with the likes of Terry Wogan, Bo Derek, Buzz Aldrin, Peter Ustinov, Spike Milligan, Dudley Moore and William Shatner … to name but a few!


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