Breathing Underwater: A collection of poems and short stories – Nick Horgan

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“In this collection we are at times faced with an honest and brutal critique of the world in which we find ourselves. Sweeping panoramic verses hover over the social, political and environmental issues that blight the planet. But lest we be quick to judge, Nick is not afraid to make the reader uncomfortable with the truth of our own complicity.” Alan Mann – Writer and Author

Breathing Underwater contains 4 short stories and 19 poems: There’s everything that’s happening in the world, macro and micro, there’s people and places, good experiences and bad experiences, memories, things unsaid, contradictions between what we see and what we know, connections between the physical and material and the emotional, spiritual, the constant change and comparison of modern life, and everything your imagination can open up, make connections, build up, revise, refocus, examine and explore to take you from the initial seed to a finished piece.


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