Performance Licence Applications and Script Purchases

TSL Drama



  1. The performance fee is paid in full on the date of application for a licence
  2. The name of the Playwright(s) is/are clearly shown in any programme or publicity material
  3. The Playwright(s) are entitled to receive two complimentary tickets to see their work in performance if they wish
  4. A third complimentary ticket may be required for a reviewer. This will be agreed in advance.
  5. A copy of the play is purchased from TSL Drama for each named speaking part and a minimum of three copies purchased for backstage use
  6. A copy of any review be forwarded to TSL Drama
  7. The TSL Drama logo is clearly shown on any publicity material

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Performance Licence Application

Single Monologue

Purchase £8 Single Monologue Licence

One Act Play or 4+ Monologues

Purchase £22 Performance Licence

Full Length Play

Purchase £40 Performance Licence