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Books: Behold the Dreamers –Dead Tomorrow Peter has written the foreword to Arnie Wilson’s A Limerick Romp through TimeLearning to Fight Blogs: Quirky book things: One to watch:


Jennie Willett

About Jennie Willett Jennie Willett As a lecturer in adult teacher education, specialising in the way people learn Jenny facilitated courses at a London college on personal development. Many of her students suffered from...


Bee Books

Bee Books Bees are incredible little creatures and as diverse as mankind if you ask me. The African bee has a reputation of being more dangerous that the British one and the humble bumble...

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Sue Hampton

About Sue Hampton Sue, author of over 30 titles describes herself best. I am Me was written by Sue Hampton and illustrated by Paula Watkins to help fundraise for People Not Borders, a charity...


A book (or two) in time … (5)

Books: A piece of the world –The gentle author’s cries of London That’s Zuarte’s story. Zuarte, and many other informants, spies, agents and rogues formed Wellington’s intelligence networks in the Peninsular War. Read about...


Playing with history

Playing with History On the historical writing spectrum, I fall into the more academic category for the majority of history readers, however, for my academic colleagues, I am a little too casual in my...

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National and International Days – May

Have you noticed that there’s virtually something being commemorated, celebrated, remembered or highlighted every day of the year internationally? Here’s a list for April (courtesy of the UN, Days of the Year; Wikipedia) Month...