Robbie Cheadle and Michael

About Robbie Robbie is a qualified chartered accountant and works in corporate finance specialising in advice relating to the listings requirements of various stock exchanges, in particular the JSE Limited, and takeover law. Robbie’s...


Bhupendra Brahmabhatt

About Bhupendra Brahmabhatt Bhupendra grew up in Kenya, East Africa, moving to the United Kingdom during the 1970s. He now lives in Pinner, Middlesex and is a member of Harrow Writers’ Circle. Currently, he...


A book (or two) in time … (2)

The following books and book-related news caught my eye: Books: Gateway to the Moon – Women traveller books   Blogs:   Quirky book things:   One to watch: Zukiswa Wanner publishing


Moon Pics

A perfect way to end the day, a moonlit glass of Cabernet, a toast, “to the moon Alice”! — James Kevin O’Connor (@jameskevinoconn) 6 April 2018 When #Moon looks like a #Cricket Ball...


Books and Wales

The following books published by TSL are set in Wales or mention the region. The Adventures of Rhys: About Beatrice There seems to be a growing genre of Welsh writers, or perhaps I’m being...


A book (or two) in time… (1)

The following books and book-related news caught my eye: Books: Her Mother’s Daughter – Love does not win elections –  Life’s a beach – The hidden sun – Blogs: LocalGoesGlobal Quirky book things:


South African authors crossing borders

I’ve noticed South African authors are tending to have  books set in multiple countries. Does this reflect the dual (or more) cultural links South Africans have? Zukiswa Wanner –   Lauri Kubuitsile –  ...