Faith is the key – Barbara and John Towell

This original and unique multi-media experience was conceived and written by John and Barbara Towell. It was performed for the first time on the sanctuary of their North Harrow church in July 1998, and more recently in Dumfries in 2013 by St Andrew’s Jubilee Singers as part of the 200th Anniversary celebrations of their parish church during the Dumfries Festival.

The script, rooted in the New Testament with narrative linking the scenes, together with eighteen original songs, make this production an experience which is both enjoyable and inspiring.

It tells the very human story of the apostles and disciples, following the sudden, terrible death of Jesus on the cross. Through the interweaving of narration, music, front/back projection, drama and dance, the audience is invited to join them on their journey through the events of those forty days up to his ascension. The melody line score provided here is with guitar chords; however, musical arrangement and instrumentation remain the choice
of the producer/director.

Faith is the key is intended for soloists, chorus and narrator. It is totally flexible in that it can be easily adapted, either as a musical in the conventional sense, or a concert performance, whether costumed or not. Whichever style you may choose, the production invites and allows members of the audience to really use their imagination; and thereby, not only enter into the story, but also the lives, feelings and experiences of those involved.


Recommended age of performers – Mid-teen to adult,
although there are two small roles for children.
Approximate Running Time –
Acts 1 & 2: 50 minutes
Act 3: 40 minutes.

What people are saying about Faith is the key

“A great piece of theatre, so deeply moving that I had to see it a second time.” Anne Mc Brine – Audience

“Inspired and inspiring. I so wish I had invited more of my friends to see such a great production.” Judy Brennan – Audience

“A wonderful experience. I was honoured to be a part of it.” John Donnelly as Caiaphas – Dumfries 2013