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Priests and Religious men

Priests and Religious men Religion in the UK is apparently on the decline yet it features in a few novels – in fact a surprising number. For example in novels authored by TSL writers,...


The perils of sailing

I’m intrigued that so many think sailing is easy, but maybe that’s more to do with my personality and the books I’ve read. Over recent years, a number of books about the ordeal of...


Chimney Sweeps

Chimney Sweeps Little did I know when I met Paul Ross at the TSL sponsored Meet the Author Day that I was meeting a chimney sweep: a real live chimney sweep! I’d read about...

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Aristocracy: a developing theme

Aristocracy: a developing theme Despite today’s ideas of equality, the Aristocracy still features strongly in literature. Suprisingly, in a number of books published by TSL. For this list, we turn things around adding a...


A Jewel(l) of a find

A Jewel(l) of a find Back in 2016, I worked with the Jewell family editing their grandfather Norman Parsons Jewell’s manuscript recalling his time On Call in Africa in War and Peace, 1910-1932. It opened...

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Tartan Books

Tartan Books A collection of books featuring The Tartan… in the title The Tartan Turban The Tartan Pimpernel The Tartan Detectives The Tartan Legend Thanks Pablo for the image


Bee Books

Bee Books Bees are incredible little creatures and as diverse as mankind if you ask me. The African bee has a reputation of being more dangerous that the British one and the humble bumble...

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National and International Days – May

Have you noticed that there’s virtually something being commemorated, celebrated, remembered or highlighted every day of the year internationally? Here’s a list for April (courtesy of the UN, Days of the Year; Wikipedia) Month...


Moon Pics

A perfect way to end the day, a moonlit glass of Cabernet, a toast, “to the moon Alice”! — James Kevin O’Connor (@jameskevinoconn) 6 April 2018 When #Moon looks like a #Cricket Ball...


Books and Wales

The following books published by TSL are set in Wales or mention the region. The Adventures of Rhys: About Beatrice There seems to be a growing genre of Welsh writers, or perhaps I’m being...