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Beatrice Holloway

About Beatrice Beatrice Holloway is a playwright and author who has been writing children’s stories since 2014. In 2015, Beatrice was appointed Children’s Storyteller on Hillingdon Narrowboats Association which has led her to write...


Mark Brookes

About Mark Mark Brookes was born and grew up in Middlesex, England. Mark’s passion for creative writing began in his late teens and in 2013, inspired by his son’s own approach into manhood, he...


The Dial Up

On Thursday night, 14 December, 11 days before Christmas, I joined Alex Williams at The Kitchen, Croxley for an open mic evening with The Dial Up. It’s not my usual scene, but having just...


Shades of Blue

It’s a small world. Going to hear a select group called Shades of Blue perform in Aldenham Church on 9 December 2017, we (TSL directors) spotted a familiar face in the audience – it...


Something dramatic

TSL has a growing collection of monologues, one act and full length plays. Here’s the latest collection… Click on the image for more information and for ordering copies


POETS Day – Mark Brookes

POETS Day is defintely not play for the light-hearted or if you are wanting a good time out. I realised this quite quickly whilst working on the script for publication. And this was reinforced...



Gandhi is one of the most well known revolutionaries of our time. Many have embraced aspects of his philosophies, not necessarily realising that his vision was purely for India (including today’s India, Pakistan and...