Call for Monologues – deadline 30 April 2017

Monologue Compilation
TSL Drama is looking for unpublished monologues of minimum 10 minute duration around the theme of Relationships to go into a compilation.
Monologues should be submitted by the author direct to TSL by email and be set out as follows:
• All stage directions should be in lower case italics and contained within brackets ( ), but see below.
• Any character names within stage directions must be in capitalised lower case.
• Character names at the start of spoken lines should be immediately followed by a colon (:) then a space, eg. Anne: And so it was.
• Font should be Arial 10 point.
• Only use italics and bold within the text.

TSL will reject any entries that show evidence of plagiarism.
If the monologue has been performed, please include details in the covering entry email. This information will not be made known to the panel until after the selection has been made.
Monologues for publication will be selected by an anonymous panel. The panel’s decision is final.
Publication of successful monologue entries will be subject to a TSL Publications (Drama) contract being signed.
The deadline for email submissions is midnight British Standard Time 30 April 2017.
Enquiries to

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